Mike Starr Bassist For Alice In Chains And “Celebrity Rehab” Member Dead At 44

Eddie Murphy dead rumors are not about Eddie Murphy’s career, at least not here. ‘Eddie Murphy dead’ is solely the latest celebrity death rumor to reach the Affiliate. But Eddie Murphy dead stories are not true, the majority of everyone should expect. The Eddie Murphy dead stories have happen to be dismissed as being a hoax, although it should remain a hot topic well into in the near future. However, Eddie Murphy isn’t dead, as other sites were quick to highlight.

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Lo and behold, James Avery can still be alive and kicking in California. It be amazing, if Avery was really dead, for him appear in the series ‘Sherri’ on Lifetime Network just last year to of course. James Avery, aka ‘Uncle Phil,’ also did commercials for Kaplan University in ’09. James Avery is also in course of action doing a voice for that 2011 Transformers 3 Flick.

Where did the story originate? ESPN 1420 says that a site called Media Fetcher recently been making claims like this about various players for only a couple of days. ESPN shares that many story is precisely the same other towards the athlete’s name and think of. This sounds very like the sites that create fake Cuba Gooding Jr Death hoaxes many times again.

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However, at the time bogus candidates news broke, Cruise what food was in Hollywood in the premiere of his new film, “Oblivion,” which is the easiest to be able to debunk phony death floor.